New Home at Little Douglas.

New Home at Little Douglas – Features

This house was designed to the full advantage of the coastal views and to maximise the use of energy efficient design principles. The house runs east, west length way, creating north facing glass. 600mm eaves over hang  provides full shading in summer for cooling, yet allows sunlight to penetrate across the  floor, warming the house and creating a heat sink in the thermal mass of the concrete slab during winter. Living areas to the north, take full advantage of this while the bedrooms and bathrooms are located along the south wall. Decks over the east and west ends of the house reduce summer heat gain and allow large windows to maximise the coastal views.

Apart from the small northern external feature stone wall, the house is a fully insulated timber frame construction. In the centre of the house is an internal stone wall (6 metres long and 600mm thick) with combustion stove adjacent to create another heat sink to retain and radiate heat to all rooms.

The house has a designated central breezeway and all bedrooms have cross room ventilation for summer cooling. Louvre windows are used throughout to maximise this, along with ceiling fans to all rooms. The roof has a 25 degrees pitch with north facing slope to maximise the 3Kw solar system and solar hot water. ( making the house power cost neutral). With 100,000 Kl of rainwater and Septek recycling waste water system with native garden the house is extremely self sufficient. It provides a very comfortable living environment and without air conditioning.